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Current Brixcoin Supply: 3499798.63782562
Brixcoin Mining difficulty 14347.18564914566

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Possible to mine with gpu, asic? YES! (With Pool Mining)

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What Is A Masternode?

Masternode Basics

Basically a masternode is a special computer which processes and performs certain specialised task on a blockchain e.g. verifying and processing transactions on the blockchain and, as a result, the masternode owner is rewarded with extra coins for doing so.

Put another way, a masternode is a server on a decentralized network. It is utilized to complete unique functions in ways ordinary coin nodes can’t. It can be used for features like direct send / instant transactions or private transactions and coin specific functions.

Because of their increased capabilities, masternodes typically require a sizable investment in order to run. But this is where incentivisation comes into play, as masternode operators/owners are rewarded by earning portions of block rewards generated by the network miners.

Masternodes provide the opportunity to invest in Cryptocurrencies with the added benefit of earning guaranteed extra coins in addition to gaining exposure to the large potential increases in value that can come within the Cryptosphere and owning cryptocurrencies in general.

Not Quite PoS (Proof of Stake)

Many cryptocurrency users who don’t know better assume that masternodes are an extension of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) coins (i.e. cryptos that aren’t mined, but are staked), but that’s not true. There are Proof-of-Work (PoW) projects (Like Brixcoin) that make use of masternodes, so these kinds of nodes aren’t exclusive to PoS or PoW.

With that being said, running a masternode is PoS-like, in the sense that you generate passive income through your masternode just by holding your coins, similar to how stakers earn in PoS systems.

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