VPS Server + Founder Membership


12 Months VPS Server + Setup
Members Can Also Pay Using:

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Done For You VPS Server and Masternode Setup.

We set it all up for you to make sure it is running perfectly on the new Brixcoin network.
You will also receive your 1st 1001 BRIX coins deposited to your Online Wallet as soon as your order is completed.
NOTE: If you pay with BRIX then 1001BRIX will be credited back to your online wallet.
You will use these BRIX to activate your vps server masternode.

Your server will run for 12 months from the day of purchase and payment confirmation.
Our technicians will ensure everything is setup perfectly and will monitor the server to make sure it is secure and always connected to The Brixcoin Network.

Masternodes Pricing Schedule:

  • 1 – 25 R5107.15 SOLD OUT
  • 26 – 50 R2734.37 SOLD OUT
  • 51 – 75 R4,229.38 ( 24 Still Available)
  • 76 – 100 R7077.34 Available Next
  • 101 – 200 R14592.45 Available Next

Introducing the Amazing BRIXcoin Project!

BRIXcoin Really Is Crypto Done Right!

Did You KnowBrix was designed to overcome the challenges that ALL crypto coins face leading to poor efficiency, failure to achieve their original intent and purpose, volatile and unstable pricing and ultimately…failure of the coin and project!

BRIXcoin has been fully funded by the developers of the coin so no greedy money bag ICO has needed to be raised; translating to no unhappy or impatient investors and no potential for greed and misuse of investors funds!

There has also been no PRE-MINE done by the dev team. How often we see a small number of product creators that have millions, sometimes billions of coins that can then be manipulated.

Brix also has its traditional style White Paper, however, there is also a BRIXcoin for Dummies explanation that makes perfect sense to the normal person and that you will actually WANT to read!

Brixcoin offers multiple ways to earn through the platform such as:

Traditional coin holding (HODL)
The ability to mine your own BRIX – without crazy mining rigs!
CPA Offers – BRIXCOIN CPA Program Paying 30%
FaucetMan Drip Feeds BRIX to All members
Adhoc Rewards
“Staking” Rewards
Internal Exchange
And perhaps the biggest and best – the ability to own MASTERNODES!

Masternodes are currently one of the hottest items in crypto right now and are only going to get bigger!

Brixcoin is first and foremost a community coin with proceeds also going to those less fortunate, to communities in need!
Other charity options are also available through the BRIX network with input from the BRIX community themselves!

BRIXcoin itself, the BRIXcoin developers and the BRIX community are here for the long term and are so excited and proud of this project!

  • Access to The BRIX Exchange Portal.
  • Access to The BRIX CPA Referral Program.
  • Access to The Daily BRIX Giveaway By FaucetMan.
  • Access to Daily BRIX Rewards Program
  • Access to The BRIX Online Wallets
  • Access to The BRIX Online Store
  • Access to The BRIX Masternode Network


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