Dear Social Influencers – Brixcoin Project

Dear Social Influencers

social media influencersDear Social Influencer,

Thank you for your contact in relation to offering the Brixcoin Special Initiatives Project exposure in return for our ‘money'.

If we were to permit you to ‘feature' our project in this manner, may we ask the following questions.

Who is going to pay for our further development? Who is going to pay for our servers? Who is going to pay our current community members, who currently give of their time and money freely to further our cause? Who is going to pay for the hours spent in creating videos, images & content that we regualarly share openly with our community?

Luckily for us, we already have a system in place which rewards influencers such as yourself with a 30% share of any revenue generated through social media platforms, this is done via our referral program and pays out regularly to infuencers that make a ‘real impact' to the project. You can generate your referral code via this link :

If you are confident in your ability to make a return upon your influence, then you will quickly see that the days of ‘getting something for nothing' in the crypto world stops once it reaches our project.

We are more than happy, for any influencer, to promote our worthwhile project and be rewarded for their successful actions. However, we are a self funded project, who have not requested any funding through an ICO, CGE or by ‘begging' our community to pay for further advancements, development or listings on influential websites.

Lucky for us, we already have a community who are willing to give up their precious time and efforts to further advance the project and allows us to keep our ‘money' where it will be best used … within the project itself.

In future, I’d advise you to offer a return on investment like every other ‘company' that offers to influence their following, and if the project in question believes your coverage will help them, maybe they too will offer to reimburse your expenses through a referral program. This would, in our opinion show a more reasonable and respectful way to promote on your part, rather than try to suck the life out of a project, before it has a chance to fully get established.

David Edwards
CMO Brixcoin Special Initiatives Project
p.s The Answer Is NO …
p.p.s You can generate your referral code via this link :

David Edwards is based in the South West of England, he has been marketing online since before the birth of Google. He has aided numerous companies around the world to the top of search engine rankings. In early 2014, David made the decision to switch from helping others reach their online goals to building out his own substantial network of websites and web 2.0 properties. He has been and still is very involved within the cryptocurrency industry.

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