Is There A Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Conspiracy? – Probably!

bitcoin conspiracy

This is a slightly older video which explains how the largest of institutions are manipulating Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Prices by saying one thing and actually doing the exact opposite …

Releasing false stories to create FUD (fear, uncertainty & doubt) has long been a tactic of almost every government worldwide … it is when this FUD is used by corporate entities to either a) get a better price for their long term goals or b) make the common man panic into selling, is where truth and honesty becomes tarnished with greed and profits …

DO NOT BE FOOLED … the truth is out there, you just need to brush away much of what mainstream media and corporate entities feed to you on a daily basis … as one wise man once inadvertently said ..HODL (HOLD) your coins, whatever they may be … it could one day make you very rich indeed …

David Edwards is based in the South West of England, he has been marketing online since before the birth of Google. He has aided numerous companies around the world to the top of search engine rankings. In early 2014, David made the decision to switch from helping others reach their online goals to building out his own substantial network of websites and web 2.0 properties. He has been and still is very involved within the cryptocurrency industry.

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