Generate (mine) Your Own Brixcoins

Brixcoin Mining

Funding Disadvantaged Communities Around The World

Current Brixcoin Supply: 3499798.63782562
Brixcoin Mining difficulty 14347.18564914566

Brixcoin Currently Selling For:
Possible to mine with gpu, asic? YES! (With Pool Mining)

View The Brixcoin BlockChain here.

What You Need to Know

Mining is the method used to generate Brixcoins. Miners use the processing power of their CPUs(Central Processing Units) or GPUs(Graphical Processing Units) to secure and process Brixcoin transactions and verifications. Finding a solution to a block rewards the miner who found it so that they have an incentive to process more transactions and verifications.

All you need to mine for Brixcoins is a computer and an Internet connection, but the difficulty level of finding solutions is very high, so specialized equipment can also be used. GPU's for X11 algorithms are the most affordable and efficient way to generate Brixcoins currently.

There are a few ways to mine crypto currencies;

  1. CPU mining using the built-in mining functionality of your crytpo coin wallet
  2. GPU mining using special mining software that is freely available to download online
  3. Pool mining, mostly used when the coins difficulty levels start to get too high for standard wallet cpu mining
  4. ASIC mining, this is mining using specialised mining equipment designed specifically for the high difficulty levels of some of the older established coins.

Currently it is still possible to mine Brixcoins using the standard wallet cpu method as the difficulty level is still relatively low.
This form of mining will not last very long so get started now and try your luck to find some BRIX.
As the difficulty increases, you may eventually have to move over to GPU mining and then later onto pool mining to keep up with the increase in difficulty levels.

To get Started With Brixcoin Mining

Download The Brixcoin Wallet Here

The Official Brixcoin Pool Mining System is already up and running for when the mining difficulty increases
A mining pool is a collective of miners working together to solve blocks and sharing the rewards. This has the effect of lowering the randomness in mining.
To connect to an Official Brixcoin Pool, use any X11 compatible mining hardware/software and point it at any official Brixcoin pools when they are made available.
You do not need to be a registered member on the Official BRIX Mining Pool to do pool mining for Brixcoins.

Nvidia GPU Example using ccminer:

color 02<br />
setx GPU_MAX_ALLOC_PERCENT 100<br />
ccminer-x64 -a x11 -i 0 -t 1 -o stratum+tcp:// -u YOURDESKTOPWALLETADDRESS -p YOURRIGNAME<br />
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